CIRCUITO OFF is the free and independent section of NARNIMMAGINARIA that arises from the spontaneous initiative of people. 

"THROUGH HUMANSCAPES" as well as being a topic, wants to be a space created within NARNIMMAGINARIA where professional and non-professional photographers can show their talent.

The promoter of the competition is SATOR APS organizer of NARNIMMAGINARIA

Man has such a strong influence on landscapes (both interior and exterior) to become directly or indirectly the main actor of his image, living and changing it according to his needs.
Can it be said that man is the landscape? Surely he lives in a dynamic relationship with everything that surrounds him and with the experiences he lives. It’s certainly part of it.
Investigate the man who lives and changes, who leaves footprints depositing the traces of dreams giving shape to the landscape.

Itis open to all photographers regardless of age, origin and nationality. The author is left with the maximum freedom of choice of the photographic language he considers most appropriate to tell the human landscape. The selected works, maximum 5, will be exhibited together with other exhibitions in Narni for the duration of the exhibition (22 October - 1 November 2022). The sequences presented must be composed of a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 12 images in color or black and white. The images for the selection must be .JPEG files with a size of 1024 pixels on the long side, a min. resolution of 72 dpi, can be in color or b/n, must not exceed 2 MB and must be accompanied by a brief biography of your training and experience, job title and description (format .pdf)
The images must be sent in digital format, collected in a single compressed folder in ZIP format.The name must be as follows: NAME_SURNAME_XX.jpg, (where XX is the progressive number of the photo in the portfolio).
04/09/2022 at h 24:00.
The selected authors will be notified by the 26th of September 2022 to have the necessary time to print the photos. All authors will be informed of the outcome of the selection. The material must be sent to:  info: 339.1461913 Attendance to the OFF circuit of NARNIMMAGINARIA is free of charges. The photo,s printed in fine art quality, must reach the association SATOR with minimum size 30x40 or passapartout 30x40. The organization will be responsible for the supply of the frames, the assembly and the set-up. The organization declines all responsibility for any damage or theft to the works within the premises. The authors selected for the exhibitions will be asked to sign a release.

The selection of the works will be made by the designated Jury that at its sole discretion will decide which of them will be admitted to the Circuito OFF.
The Jury designated for the 2022 edition  will be announced as soon as possible.

By participating in the CALL, the author declares that he owns the authorship and the rights of use of the images presented and any necessary releases. Each author is the owner of all rights on the photographs sent and is personally responsible for the works submitted and eventually selected in the Circuito OFF NARNIMMAGINARIA 2022.
Any damage to the works on display will not be attributable to the organization. Each author undertakes to exclude any responsibility of the organizers of the Festival towards third parties and any subjects depicted in the photographs. In no case may the images sent contain data qualifiable as sensitive or infringe the rights of third parties.

The rights on the images remain the exclusive property of the author who produced them, Participating in the CALL the author declares, under his own responsibility, that the presented photos do not infringe intellectual property, privacy or any other right of third parties, lifting and holding
-Use for all press communications
- Use for any paper and/ or computer communication/ promotion of the event.